Diagnosing network connection using WinMTR utility.

The program is used for network troubleshooting. By showing a list of routers traversed, and the average round-trip time as well as packet loss to each router, it allows the user to identify links between two particular routers responsible for certain fractions of the overall latency or packet loss through the network. This can help identify network over utilization problems.


  • Download the latest version of the program from the website http://sourceforge.net/
  • Find WinMTR.exe in the archive and drag it to the Desktop.


  • Start WinMTR.exe with administrative rights
  • Press Options and turn off check box Resolve names
  • Write the correct IP address ( or see below) and press Start.
  • After the Sent field number exceeds 100, press Stop.
  • Press Export TEXT and save the results in text file.

How to read the results:

  • Host name - a domain name or IP of the host
  • No - the index number of the host
  • Loss % - the percentage of packet loss at each hop
  • Sent - the number of packets sent
  • Recv - the number of packets received
  • Best - the best (shortest) round trip time for a packet to this host
  • Avrg - average latency of all packets
  • Worst - the worst (longest) round trip time for a packet to this host
  • Last - the latency of the last packet sent

For better network diagnostics choose correct IP address of region. IP address of regions: 

EU region - (node-3.survarium.com)

NA region - (node-6.survarium.com)

RU region - (node-4.survarium.com)


winmtr-v092.zip (1.77 MB)

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