Items modification

In Survarium workshop players are able to upgrade weapons and equipment by adding modifiers or weapon modules that increase their performance and also change modifiers at will. 

Workshop is available by right-clicking on the item and choosing "To workshop" option.

Here you will be able to upgrade an item, change the obtained upgrades or add modules to your weapons.

You can modify items for spare parts (if you have enough) or for gold. The amount of parts or gold required for modification depends on the level of the item, its type (weapon, armor, gloves, etc.), and the number of modifiers already installed. When it comes to installing modules, all you need is to unlock it by performing a certain number of kills with a specific weapon.

The probability of item upgrade is 50% when modifying for parts, and 100% — for gold

By moving the cursor on the upgrade button you'll be able to see the minimum and maximum possible values. These values may change depending on the level of an item.

If successful, you will see a list of three possible modifiers to choose from. The power of an upgrade obtained is determined randomly.

Spare parts required for upgraing can be obtained as a reward after battle

Another way of upgarading your gear is the ability to change unwanted modifier to another. With each attempt you will be offered a choice of three new options. You can choose one of them or if you are not happy with your choice leave the current modifier. Note, however, that if you're paying with spare parts, only one of the three options will be initially available. The two others must be bought with gold. If you are paying for the reroll with gold, this limitation is removed.

In addition to modifying items yourself, it is possible to purchase ready-made kits of upgraded weapons and equipment for premium currency.

If you don't need the modified item you can sell it and gain more money than for an item without modifiers.

Survarium is a free2play MMOFPS game set in the near future. The game focuses on the aftermath of a massive ecological catastrophe on Earth, the reasons behind which are only vaguely known.

Impassable woods advance onto cities from every side, as maddened animals and birds attack industrial complexes, military structures, warehouses and power-plants. Strange plants and mushrooms grow through concrete and steel. Scientists all over the world haplessly try to cope with the anomaly expanding with terrifying speed across the planet. Countries collapse; anarchy spreads throughout the world. Now force dictates who can survive.

The game is developed with new proprietary Vostok Engine technology.

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