Scavengers are a faction that consists of survivors who have collected into groups, thus hoping to increase their chances for survival. Adapting to aggressive environmental conditions, Scavengers collect and trade old stuff and equipment, modifying them according to their humble abilities. In battle, they prefer stealth tactics and use makeshift equipment to walk into anomalies and search for artifacts.

This faction offers old rifles, carbines and when a sufficient level of reputation is achieved — submachine guns and sniper rifles.


Ranks and equipment

  Equipment Weapons Ammo Items Upgrades
Rookie Quilted jacket
Cut gloves
Leather boots
Linen pants
Backpack with container
TOZ-34 12х70, smallshot Pack of bandages "Quilted fabric" camouflage
“Scavengers rookie” decal
Determined Chemical protection jacket
Chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection boots
Chemical protection pants
"Amber" Respirator
OTs-02 "Kiparis" 9х18 PM    
Experienced Oxygen tank TOZ-122 12х70, slug
RGD-5 Grenade
"Seeker" camouflage
Mature Light armored vest
Mounting helmet
Military boots
Field  pants
MP-153 "Baikal"      
Veteran Reinforced padded jacket
Rough gloves
Reinforced pants
Remington 700 7.62x51 M59   "Ghost" camouflage
"Scavengers Veteran" decal

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