The Fringe Settlers

"The Fringe Settlers" faction, that got its name because of its location on the border of the safe areas. Its members are survivors who are confident that we must learn to live in harmony with the Forest, not fight it. Living isolated near the Forest influenced the settlers strangely: mystical beliefs with elements of magic and fetishism developed among them. The Fringe Settlers believe in the mythical garden of Eden located deep in the Forest - a place where only the worthy can enter and where the rebirth of human civilization begins.

Despite the fact that The Fringe Settlers is a peaceful faction you should not doubt the ability of its members to stand up for themselves. Ranged combat and stealth tactics, NATO weapons, knowledge of anomalous zones and the use of artifacts, the combination of technology and natural elements in their outfit – these factors are crucial for Settlers in battle.

Ranks and equipment

  Equipment Weapons Ammo Items Upgrades
Hunter Hunter Jacket
Hunter Hood
Hunter Boots
Hunter Pants
SKS 7.62х39 RGD-M smoke grenade

Decal "The Fringe Settlers Hunter"

The Huntsman   APS
Benelli M4 Super 90
9x18 PBM   Camouflage "Huntsman"
Wanderer Explorer’s jacket
Explorer’s hat
Explorer’s gloves
Explorer’s boots
Explorer’s pants
Gas mask "Smaragd"
“Breeze” respiratory system
H&K UMP45 .45 ACP    
Pathfinder Stalker’s jacket
Stalker’s gloves
Stalker’s boots
Stalker’s pants
7.62x39 7N23
7.32x54 7N1
9x19 7N31
Devoted   Vepr 5.45x39 7N10    
Elder   RPK-74M      
Master "Leshy" vest
Master’s Hood wizard
Master’s Gloves wizard
Master’s Boots
“Leshy” pants
Soothsayer   9A-91 9x39 PAB-9    
Keeper Bulletproof vest "Keeper"
"Keeper" helmet
“Keeper” gloves
"Keeper" boots
"Keeper" pants
"Keeper" mask
“Wanderer” Container
VSK-94 9x39 SP-5
9x39 SP-6
Magister "Pilgrim" bulletproof vest
"Pilgrim" helmet
"Pilgrim" gloves
"Pilgrim" boots
"Pilgrim" pants
"Pilgrim" container
VSSK "Vykhlop"
12.7x54 PT
12.7x54 VPS

  "The Fringe Settlers Magister" decal

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