Errors related to entering promo codes

1. "The term of this promo code has expired."

This promo code has a limited validity period and You didn't activate it in time. Often such promo codes are distributed at game shows and other events that Vostok Games visits.

2. "The code you entered is incorrect. Perhaps this code is already in use or the validity period has expired."

You entered the letter "O" instead of zero. Promo codes do not contain the letters "O". Always enter only the zeros "0".
Each promo code is valid for only one account. One promotion - one promo code per account.

3. "This promo code is already activated."

You enter the promo code that was successfully activated before by You or another player.
You have found a promo code on the Internet and someone activated it before.

4. "You have exceeded the number of incorrect attempts at entering the code. The ability to add codes to your account is temporarily blocked."

You incorrectly entered the promo code 3 times. You'll be able to retry in 24 hours.

5. You have successfully activated the promo code, as evidenced by the column "Result" tab in the "Promo codes" personal profile. But you got nothing for it.

You mixed up the accounts. On the website You logged in under one account, but in the game under the other.
The delay. You should wait for 5 minutes. If nothing changes, please, contact the Support team and attach a non-cropped screenshot of your personal profile on the website.

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Survarium is a free2play MMOFPS game set in the near future. The game focuses on the aftermath of a massive ecological catastrophe on Earth, the reasons behind which are only vaguely known.

Impassable woods advance onto cities from every side, as maddened animals and birds attack industrial complexes, military structures, warehouses and power-plants. Strange plants and mushrooms grow through concrete and steel. Scientists all over the world haplessly try to cope with the anomaly expanding with terrifying speed across the planet. Countries collapse; anarchy spreads throughout the world. Now force dictates who can survive.

The game is developed with new proprietary Vostok Engine technology.

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